Insulated Render Systems

Insulated Render Systems



• Insulated render is usually applied as part of an overall refurbishment scheme.
• Where external walls are poorly insulated.
• Where external walls are deteriorating or are insufficiently weathertight, causing damp, draughts and heat loss.
• Where wall cavities are bridged or blocked, making them unsuitable for cavity fill insulation.
• The external appearance needs updating as part of a rehabilitation scheme for high-rise or system-built housing.
• Installing internal lining insulation would be disruptive, would alter critical internal dimensions or make room sizes too small.
• Greater thickness of insulation is required compared with what is usually achievable with internal linings


• The design and installation of insulated render is a specialist job.
• Though not always, insulated render systems usually come in the form of proprietary products. In these instances, standard details and construction methodology are determined by the system manufacturer.
• The products are accredited by a third party such as the BBA or BRE for use in specific situations.
• They are normally guaranteed when installed by the manufacturer’s approved contractors.
• Though construction technique remains the same, systems differ through their use of components such as types of insulation or render finishes.