Project Blacklands

Blacklands School –  3 week project

Day 1 - G-frame connection plates to site with only 3 staff. Setting out and the bolting down of the base plates. Grid lines and setting levels
Day 2 - The delivery of the glulam support members and start erection Fixing the columns into the base plates.
A battery tool fixes the connection plate to the end of the roof support ready to be lifted into place. This rapid erection of the frame takes only two days with the unloading of the materials and the school is still fully operational.
With the use of a telehandler the unloading and the erection can move with ease.
At the end of the first week installation of the wall and roof panels is nearly complete.
Week 2 - Windows and doors are installed and the roof panels are completed on programme, Closing up of the breathable membrane along with the fixing plates make the frame ready for the Greenspan render.
End of week 2 and the frame is ready for the render systems.
Work starts on the roof and the render systems together only 5 days left on the programme.
It is a push to completion but looking achievable while still maintaining quality and protection. Laid to falls roof insulation is down and the membrane is ready to go
S.I.G membrane with no hot works makes this a very fast install with little waste
With the walls at a u value of .14 and the roof .16 and an expected air test of between 2 and 3 this build not only meets the design but has been achieved in only three weeks
With Cedar cladding to the round end it gives this sustainable low carbon building the look of quality that will tone with age and slip into its surroundings. With week 3 coming to an end we are nearly there.
Conception to completion in three weeks.

A visual guide to how this project was completed in 3 weeks.